Chase Stories

27 Feb 2024 - Northern IL

I did not expect to kick off my storm chasing season in February near the Great Lakes but I did. Work commitments had me late to the party but I was still hopeful I would see something.

I approached my storm as the sun was setting (picture 1). Maybe I shouldn't have stopped to take pictures but how could I not!

Chasing after dark is not my preference so I kept my distance from the storm. The storm had a tornado-warning (which also gives me a tiny bit of confidence as a storm chaser, I am in the right spot!) and I watched it through the flashes of lightning. I even spotted a small funnel cloud (picture 2). 

As the storm approached my location, it was time to move down the road. I noticed on Radarscope a familiar name of a chaser I met last summer. He was on the same road, in the same area (maybe I was doing something right). As the storms approached the western suburbs of Chicago, I knew it was time for me to call it a day and go home. 

Overall it was a successful start to my chasing season!

Stay tuned for more chase stories!